Learning new guitar solos

Learning a new guitar solo is always exciting – especially those you can turn up and impress the neighbours with. At first listen, guitar solos can be quite intimidating but taking it one step at a time, you’ll find yourself playing along smoothly sooner.

For as long as I have been playing, I regularly make the same mistake when learning a new solo. I know I do it every time yet continue to fall into the same trap each time.

The mistake I speak of is becoming overzealous – or rushing into – a new solo. A valueable, time and frustration saving technique I can offer all you budding, young soloists is to put your guitar away. That’s right, pack it away for the time being. Instead, listen to the song/solo you are trying to learn – over and over again. Put it on repeat on your CD player, computer or iPod. Listen until you are able to hum the solo and all its tiny details off by heart.

Once you’ve memorised the solo and all its nuances, then it is finally time to pick up your guitar. You will find your mind – and fingers – feel much more familiar with whichever solo you hope to master – saving you time and frustration. Before you know it, the neigbours will be secretly waiting to hear more!


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