Power Tab

Have you ever learnt a solo at home and thought you’ve got it all right, only to show up to class to have Dan show you how it’s done the proper way? It happens to me almost every week.

Recently, it was suggested to me by Shine Music School’s friendly resident guitar master that I try learning songs with the help of Power Tab.

Power Tab is a program that can be freely downloaded (here) that really lets you focus on songs you want to learn.

Unlike listening to CDs or MP3s, Power Tab plays only the guitar part from any given song. That means you can hear each note and chord without being distracted by drums, bass or vocals. The end result is you will be able to play your favourite songs and solos more accurately and precisely.

So, as recommended by myself and Dan, give Power Tab a try. Once you have the program installed, tabs can be downloaded from Ultimate-guitar.com. Simply type in the song or artist you are after, making sure the tab you download is listed as a “power tab” type.


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