Remembering to have fun

Nobody likes to work – but that doesn’t mean no work ever gets done.

The trick to being productive is to have fun with work. In this case, to progress and learn as a guitar player it is important to concentrate and focus but also equally pertinent to have fun.

Each week, we are assigned homework tasks that should be completed before next lesson. However, if you’re anything like me, you don’t particularly like being pressured into doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do.

What helps me complete homework tasks is a “fun” song – one I choose to learn completely for the sake of having fun – without any pressure to play it perfectly within a week. Try it yourself, pick a song that you really like and play it whenever you start to feel overwhelmed or stagnated with your homework task.

Having a fun song keeps playing interesting and, at times, less of a chore. You may also find you get more work done when you’re having fun.


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