Timing of a different kind

This week, the advantages of the online lesson paid off once again.

Half an hour before the lesson was to commence, I was all set up, ready to go. I put this free time to use by going over the past week’s homework – refreshing my memory and warming up. The great part is I could do this for as long as possible, as loud as I wanted, without having to worry about missing a moment of class. When Dan was ready, I would receive the call over Skype.

Participating in lessons from home, I’ve found, is more comfortable. It may be nitpicking but I just feel more relaxed playing guitar in the chair I play in every other day of the week. I’m also more attuned to the sound of my own amp than any other, which often throw me off. All these factors, I believe helped me perform better in class, cutting down on the number of mistakes made as well as time spent covering old ground.

Once the lesson was over, I didn’t have to pack up and head for my car. Thankfully too, as today was rather cold.

Instead, I just turned off Skype and continued practicing what I had just learnt so as to keep it fresh in my mind. Next week, I am told we will attempt to learn something entirely new over cyberspace and I am excited to see how smoothly everything goes.


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