As I’ve hinted at in previous posts, it’s always good to have non-class material to supplement your learning. That is, songs, ideas or concepts to explore that aren’t homework tasks.

Zentao.com is a great resource full of guitar pointers. It helped me greatly when I started and I was pleased to hear Dan recommend it during our very first lesson.

The website contains ideas to help you learn that you don’t often find in books, made even easier to grasp with the help of sound files. Also, it is written in a way that is easily understood by beginners.

From my own personal experiences, the website changed the way I thought about tuning the guitar and how I saw the fretboard. Although, I can’t claim to be perfect at either, I am able to get a guitar close to in tune by ear and am able to see patterns that connect all notes in a scale. This I attribute not to any masterful, innate ability but entirely to the website.

Give it a go. Visit the Zentao and check out its beginner’s lessons.


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