The sound of silence

For all the benefits the computer and internet have brought into the family home, the pairing unfortunately brings a great deal of distraction. This is particularly true when playing guitar.

To become any good at guitar demands hard work, focus and dedication. With a computer – especially one connected to the internet – at an arms length away, those last two requirements will more than likely be affected.

Sure, it’s easier to play along to an MP3 file which allows you skip through songs at the click of a mouse. However, as I often find, playing while near a computer greatly hampers my progress. Oftentimes, when I’m sitting near the PC with my guitar intending to practice, before I even realise, I would be browsing around aimlessly on YouTube or Wikipedia.

To overcome this, I play in our spare room, away from the lure of electronic devices. If you don’t have a spare room, any quiet place will do (that means, away from the TV too) as it will allow you to concentrate more on your playing. You’ll notice a lot more nuances, which you may not have otherwise noticed, when there are absolutely no distractions around.


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