Storytelling with sound

As a writer, you’re taught to develop your own voice – a fixed personality or identity to express through written word. In music, I am finding it is much the same.

Therein lies the dilemma I wish to overcome; I don’t know how to speak through music. If, for example, I wanted to tell a story of mystery and intrigue through the guitar, I would not know how to do just that. I think that’s what composing is all about.

Each note, chord, scale – any sound you can create – possesses a feeling. For instance, the chords A minor and E minor are sad and downtrodden whilst D and G chords are uplifting. On the other hand, the C minor scale, to me, sounds suspenseful with an eastern influence.

The tricky part is connecting (composing) a larger series of sounds together to form a story, just like a writer.


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