Seeing sounds as colours

As expressed in previous posts, I am taking a new direction with my playing and focusing on composition. The biggest problem I’ve encountered so far is not being able to make the guitar sing. It’s a frustration similar to finally getting your first car but being without a licence to drive it.

Last night, however, I moved one step forward. I thought of a colour and tried to create sounds that matched that colour. For example, I thought of green and tried to play what I thought sounded calm and gentle, like nature. Black is another example. With black in mind, a dark, menacing, marching chord strumming pattern arose.

When I struck a note or chord that didn’t seem to fit in, I simply made sure not to strike it again.

While I won’t be painting vivid, colourful masterpieces through the guitar tomorrow, one step at a time, I feel I’m moving in the right direction.


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