Trial and error

I remember when I started out, the concept of figuring out which chords made up any given song seemed like an impossible task. So much so that I rarely, if ever, tried. As I progressed as a guitarist – wanting to try new things – I finally gave it a shot only to find it was never as hard as I thought.

My biggest fear about trying to find the right chords to fit into any given song was how I would even know when I had the right key. The answer to that, I’ve found, is through trial and error; it’s not a terrible thing to make mistakes to learn something new.

My homework task this week was to locate the keys of a few songs and here’s what I found:

U2 – “All I Want Is You” – Ab

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Turn Into” – G

Ron Sexsmith – “These Days” – E

St. Vincent – “Marry Me” – C

The idea of finding the right chords is simply finding the right key – playing the chords of that key and hearing what “fits” – and what doesn’t. It’s not a scary hurdle to clear and once you’ve done it by yourself, it’s actually quite fun.

Add more to it by picking your own favourite songs to figure out.


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