Conquering fears

I’ve never had to seriously compose anything musical before so when Dan informed me the week’s homework task was to put two pieces together, you can imagine just how quickly I cowered into a fetal position.

I’ve never composed even a single piece of music before, let alone two. Sure, an improvisation can be considered a composition, but improvs are spur the moment – unrehearsed, unpracticed and they can’t be scrutinised afterwards.

I had so many thoughts in my head while thinking of what to put together – often thoughts of how I’m going to fail miserably and exactly how I’m going to explain to Dan why the task couldn’t be done.”The dog ate my homework”, just doesn’t work when paper isn’t involved.

I had to come up with something though…and that’s when I did. I sat with guitar in hand and played until something fit nicely over Missy Higgins’ “Scar”.

In that, I think there’s a lot to be said, not just about composing, but anything in life. Sometimes you just have to brush all your worries aside and complete the task at hand.


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