Correcting mistakes

Last week, I discussed my homework task of taking four songs and figuring out what key they each were in.

Well, I got my results back and managed to squeak by with a pass – with minor concessions. All in all, two out of four isn’t terribly bad, and, as also discussed last week, it’s not a terrible thing to make a mistake to learn something new.

Of the four songs, the two I answered incorrectly were the songs by Ron Sexsmith and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I got them wrong both for the same reason – the individual keys I believed them to be in were off just by one note.

I guessed the YYY’s song to be in G. However, what I failed to pick up on was the VII degree of that scale does not fit entirely with the song. It’s close, but not close enough. Play the G scale over the song, then the F and notice the subtle yet noticble difference one note can make.

I made the same mistake with Ron Sexsmith’s “These Days”, guessing it was in E rather than the correct B.


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