Scales as chords

Since learning scales, I’ve only really practiced them by going through each degree as a note. This can be fun, especially when you find a song you can jam along to. But doing this over and over, you’re destined to begin feeling like you’re just playing bass and not guitar.

It never occurred to me to try playing scales as chords; instead, I always wondered how to make my guitar sound like a guitar. The answer, it appears, was blindingly obvious.

Playing scales as chords is more interesting I’ve already found as you are given more options. Rather than having, say, one note and its two octaves in a single, non-moving hand position, chords give you the option of playing them as major or minor – or for more advanced players, as diminished or augmented chords, amongst other voicings and variations.

Certainly, you can’t do all that on a bass.


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