(Im)perfect compositions

With the compositions I’ve been trying to come up with this week, I’ve constantly had the feeling that I’ve heard what I’m “creating” a million times before.

A lot of what I’ve composed sounds “natural” but that’s exactly where the problem lies. I think the sound of the ascending major scale has been ingrained so deeply in my mind from playing it over and over so many times. Thus, all my compositions sound like taking steps up and down the same musical ladder.

Today, I’m trying to break the habit. What I’ve come up with sound “wrong” – if that’s even possible (perhaps a better descriptor is “uncomfortable”). But I think that’s the goal – to break from predictable.

The basic chord progression I’ve come up with to go along with the verse and chorus of Scar goes: C, Em, Dm, G (all in open string form). It doesn’t sound like it fits perfectly over the song but, as far as I can tell, that’s the direction I have to go to compose something I haven’t heard before.


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