My daunting experience

After all this week’s talk about my compositions, you’re probably all sick of reading about it and ready to hear something.

It is a simple melody that loops over the chorus (of “Scar” by Missy Higgins, for those just tuning in). In C, the notes are I, III, IV, V, IV, III over three bars then I, VII, II, I, VII for the forth bar.

I am more than a little nervous about how it will be received and dismantled by Dan at this week’s lesson. I don’t believe it is a masterful piece of work (clearly) but I do believe it is a starting point and a point to progress from.

To anybody out there in the same predicament – especially you young budding musicians – I think it is a stumbling block we all must overcome, as scary as it may be. But once this week’s lesson is over, I’m sure all this worry would’ve been for nothing and I will slowly be on my way to creating something greater.


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