Solfege ear training

If there’s one computer program to help further your grasp around the infinitely large universe of music, this is it. Solfege is a free ear training program. No bells or whistles – it’s only for those who really want to learn and improve.

There are so many features in the program, most that go over my head. However, the one I’m most appreciative of at the moment is ascending melodic harmonies (it’s the first option under the Intervals tab). It lets you choose what sort of ear training you want, from seconds, thirds, fourths, etc.

This mode lets out two beeps in an ascending order. It’s your task to figure out the interval between those two notes. The beeps are computerised so you’ll know what intervals sound like on something other than guitar and thus understand the broader concept which can be applied to other instruments later on.

A great way to begin is to play around with the feature for a bit – you’re more than likely to make a few mistakes. Next, go to the guitar and do some proper practice. Once you feel comfortable with the concept of seconds, thirds or whichever interval you’re studying, come back to the program and see just how much you’ve advanced.

Sometimes the program lets out an interval I’m certain I know, only to find myself wrong. That’s when it really gets me thinking about what distinguishes one intervals from another.


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