The difference between a tone and semitone

I remember discussing with a friend – before I ever owned a guitar – how cool it would be if instruments could directly connect to our minds and if the sound that we heard in our heads automatically came out.

Such technology may still be decades away but I’ve been taking a more practical approach towards that end. In this week’s class, we looked at the relationship between notes, from a semitone difference up to an octave. As Dan puts it, it’s learning about “pure music” which can be used to create an ordered sequence of sounds and be applied to all instruments.

So far I’ve been playing minor 2nd notes (i.e. – two notes a semitone apart; for example, C and Db or G# and A) over and over again to get the idea of minor 2nd stuck into my head. Once I’ve done that, I’ll move the space up to a tone and so forth.

It’s a lot to take in and remember but in the end, I imagine my guitar will be more closely connected to my mind.


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