Cleaning up the scales

Today, I begun working on a lead guitar part to reinforce the chord progression I composed and discussed in the last blog entry.

I started by randomly doodling all over the fretboard in E . This is a tactic I often employ when jamming along to songs I like. I know if I take a song in E and play only notes from the E major scale it will all sound together.

However, now that I was trying to compose my own piece, I quickly realised there was no clear purpose or clear with this style of playing.

I found I was able to make the piece stronger, as a whole, by playing chord tones. For example, I would play only notes that made up E during the E chord; notes that make up C during the Cm, and so forth.

Although it’s not the mindless fun of running a muck over the fretboard, it did make me think more about what I was actually doing and trying to achieve. It also added depth to the way I play scales; by considering chord tones I am able to compose a more thoroughly thought out piece rather than simply producing an orderly mess.


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