The trick

This week I relived the horror of two weeks ago as I was assigned the task of creating a composition once more.

Again, I was dreading the task all week, fearing I would sound like a musician with a broken guitar or a just hack who unknowingly steals the musical ideas of others.

I wondered how I was going to overcome the challenge this time. That’s when I thought of a trick widely used in writing (and really, all forms of creative expression). The trick is to just do it, just start writing to get the mental ball rolling. The theory is it’s like a mental warm up to shake all the jitters out and get into an efficient, purposeful rhythm. It’s a technique that never fails me. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it on the guitar.

After half an hour of randomly belting out major and minor variations of chords from the E scale, I came up with a sequence that I am quite pleased with. It goes: E, Cm, Fm, Gm, in an upbeat strumming pattern. It’s still a work in progress, but if this work were to have a bridge, it would go: A, B.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a melody to go over the chord progression.

In the meantime, just go for it.


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