Moving forward

The holidays are now over and it was difficult to keep focused but there were definitely ways to stay sharp.

In lieu of classes, I sent my Saturdays visiting a friend who is a drummer and is roughly on the same – if not, slightly advanced – level of musical proficiency.

Our  goal was just to have fun improvising with no pre-determined destinations we wanted to cover musically. What we learnt was we were able to communicate to each other without even speaking. I could sense when he was going into more intense or relaxed drumming parts, and would respond accordingly. When we stopped playing and were able to speak, he told me he was taking cues from me. It was something I’ve never experienced before and truly eye opening.

It also became abruptly clear what kind of guitar player I wanted to become and, therefore, what I need to learn to reach my goal.

With that in mind, I look forward to coming out the end of this term with an improved faculty for emotional musical expression.


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