Keyboard and guitar

Recently, a keyboard fell into my possession. Once upon a time, it was just a black and white row of arbitrary keys. However, with all the knowledge I’ve collected playing guitar, they now have meaning.

Often when creating melodies on guitar, I already have a rough idea of what it sounds like in my head. Putting it together is the difficult part. I’ll start off with one note and may think I want a higher note to follow. I’ll play the higher notes, only to find the note I wanted was, in fact, lower than the starting point.

With all notes lined up in a single row, a keyboard makes it so much easier to see the relationship between one note and another. This is the greatest asset I can take back to the guitar.

If you have the chance, try to apply what you know about guitar to a different instrument. You may, in return, learn something new about your own.


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