Bass and guitar

As a guitar player, I’ve always joked that bass was guitar for dummies. It’s nothing more than a playful comment but like all jokes, I believed there was some truth to it.

As you may have read by now, I have played different instruments all week and today I had a chance to fiddle with the bass.

My opinion on the bass has now changed quite drastically. It was only when I really paid attention to what the bass could do, did I realise what the guitar shouldn’t be doing – that is providing the rthymic backbone to a musical piece. Although it has the capability, it has become clear this is not the job of the electric guitar nor the electric guitarist.

The electric guitar, like any other instrument in a band relationship, has to add something that no other instrument can and that I find comes best in embellishments of chords, arpeggios and solos.

Playing the bass has really shown me although they are two similar instruments, the bass and electric guitar should both remain far apart from each other.


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