Simple ideas, pt.2

Following up my last blog, once you have a rough bass line out, you can begin working it into a chord progression.

With putting together chord progressions, I have found there is no secret besides trial and error; or perhaps more appropriately, finding what fits best.

Try out all chords in different voicings (positions on the fretboard) and variations (major, minor, 5, 7, etc) to find what sounds like music to your ears. It’s a fine feeling when you find a new voicing and it fits perfectly into your composition.

When I started guitar, I almost hated the fact there were so many voicings available for a single chord. It felt like so much to remember. However, I have come to realise, firstly, you only have to know one chord voicing to know them all; Secondly, not many other instruments provide such a broad range of options. From a composition standpoint, it is an enormous benefit – one you should explore to your advantage.


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