A beautiful mess

I remember when I first started out on guitar, the idea of figuring out the chords to a song myself seemed impossible; so much so that I didn’t ever bother trying.

Until I heard this song.

It’s a newer Mraz tune but I still remember being blown away by an early bootleg of it. Because it was in its infancy at the time, no websites had tabs or chords published so I had to figure them out myself.

I was surprised at how easy the task of decoding the song was. There are no shortcuts, its all trial and error, but if you don’t become intimidated by the task at hand and just work on completing it, it actually doesn’t take too long.

Obviously, I did not write the song but I feel a closeness to it every time I play it.

The chord progression is I major, III minor, IV major, V major. The bridge is II minor, V major. It’s in the major scale but I’ll leave it up to you to find the key.

A tip for those who want to play it the way Mraz does, he actually plays the IV major twice in a row; first in an open string variation then as a root 6 chord (i.e. – as a chord with the root note on the string furthest away from the floor).


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