Reigniting a 13year old flame

I was excited and nervous all wrapped into one!! I was about to take my first professional guitar lesson in 13 years. It’s one of those things you always promise yourself you’d get round to doing and never do. Memories of how the guitar had influenced my life came flooding through my mind. I used to love playing in our school culture group from the age of 8 in front of our school and in front large crowds and judges during competitions, back then it came so naturally and I played by ear. Memories returned of our church minister (later to be my guitar teacher) strumming with such passion and enthusiasm as if to match the tone of each word he was singing. Occasionally my father would be off on his own to one corner of the house practicing some unknown ditty, by the end of the day he’d have the song down pat. And now here I was on a Saturday morning practicing guitar in Parramatta with Daniel from Shine. I decided this was pretty awesome and now that I had picked the guitar up again, I wouldn’t be putting it down anytime soon. After formal introductions and a brief exchange of history we decided to practice Drive by Incubus. On producing 2 sheets of tablature I quickly realized I couldn’t read any of it. Within 5minutes thankfully I had been given a crash test course on how to read guitar chords and I was away. After 30 minutes of getting the feel of the strings pressed beneath the pads of my fingers and the strumming of the strings either downwards or up I felt home again. Like I never left home and I had never put down my guitar. It was good.


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