A newage introduction to an old concept

This past week has been a very busy one for me and I haven’t been able to practise the guitar as much as I would have  liked to but as much as the world demands our attention so to does the beloved guitar!!  I was very fortunate to have  had a few moments to myself this week to pick up the guitar and practise Drive by Incubus which is what I learned last Saturday at Shine.  Its been very easy to pick up the gist of the song as I am still learning to read tablature by listening to the song first and how it should sound.  Luckily I have also found some websites to assist me with where to place my fingers for certain chords and that has helped me tremendously.  I can play the full guitar lead and now Im just practising over and over to perfect it.  I want to be able to impress my Guitar tutor at Shine this Saturday.   After being able to play the whole song not so much as perfect but recognizable I was inspired to try and practise other songs.  To keep up the momentum I also signed up at our local library and borrowed two introductory guitar books.  These books have kept me motivated and focused on taking one day at a time.  I have an insight into what to expect on my path to learning guitar and this is very exciting for me.  I have learned a  few words I can use when using guitar jargon.  Also browsed over numerous pages of guitar chords I never knew existed.  Practising these guitar chords gave me a new appreciation for the sound they give.  I can now recognise these sounds in songs if I listen closely.  Overall this has been a satisfying introduction.


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