Guaranteed Satisfaction

Having experienced playing the piano myself, I know, perhaps a bit too well, the feeling of lack of motivation to learn anything new; of coming to that “slump” in your learning when you feel like you just can’t go on.

A few weeks back, I saw a student with this attitude, and understood his discouragement. But over the next few weeks, as his teacher pushed him each lesson to strive and put in that extra effort to practice every day, I saw his skills improving bit by bit.

Today, as he walked out of his room after his lesson, I saw a wide smile spread across his face- he had defeated that lack of motivation, gotten over the “slump” and found his will to keep pushing himself to strive for the best again. He had just played (quite perfectly) a rather difficult piece.

And as I saw this, I also smiled as I remembered that sweet feeling of incomparable smugness that I used to experience after perfecting a rather difficult piece; a feeling that only came with diligent and prevailing practice- guaranteed satisfaction.


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