Beethoven… Mozart… Bach… Shine Music School Students

I am constantly amazed at the amount of talent here at Shine Music. Not only are the students here competent at reading and playing music, but they are also rather talented in ‘free-styling’.

I listened today to some of the woodwind students playing, and noticed that they weren’t going by the book- they were playing their own tunes that they made up as they felt the rhythm and played whatever their minds and fingers felt like playing.  Having grown up with classical piano, I caught my classically-trained, must-adhere-to-the-rules-mind thinking “Woah this kid is such a rebel”.

However, after listening for another good 2 or 3 hours to our ‘rebellious’ students, I had a brief but sweet moment of realization- an epiphany- where I realized that what these rebels were doing was in actual fact not rebellious at all, but rather intelligent, rather smooth, and rather AWESOME.

They were feeling the rhythm of the song, putting in a few of their own tunes here and there, creating new music; being the new composers of this world. So move over Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, and watch out world for the birth of a new kind of music; a new kind of ‘classical’; a new kind of ‘jazz’; watch out for the rebels from Shine Music!


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