Music Is One’s Escape

When one has sat behind the safety of the reception desk of a music school for quite some time, one does begin to ponder what it feels like to be on the other side of the desk. Whether it be a student, a teacher, a parent or even a passer-by, one ponders the deep and meaningful question of “Why do people learn and enjoy music?”

Sitting behind the shelter of the desk tonight, I began brainstorming the numerous reasons to this question, and grouped them into 3 categories:

1. Parents of students have “encouraged” them to do so.
2. Teachers love to pass on their knowledge and passion for music to anyone they can.
3. Students actually like to play music (what a revelation).

But as I sat pondering this question (along with the meaning of life), I came to a final thought- my ultimate conclusion- as to why people love to play, teach, create and listen to music. Music isn’t just about beats, rhythms, melodies, or showing off your talents with the hopes of attracting a member of the opposite gender.

Music, in all its glory, is a way to express one’s thoughts, one’s feelings, one’s mind; a path to transcend into a new world; a get-away from the often harsh realities of the actual world. Music is one’s escape.


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