Another night of sitting behind the shelter of the front desk, one observes the people who come in with students- often with interest, intrigue, joy, familiarity, and sometimes maybe a little more than anticipated, fear.

There are funny parents, funny siblings, loud siblings, naughty siblings, really involved parents, and parents who take turns in bringing their children every week. Whoever it is that comes in with the students, every student’s ‘entourage’ is entertaining in their own way.

Some have very involved moms who bombard the teacher with a tonne of questions after each lesson about the student’s progression, others have dads who are not completely satisfied with the limited range of reading material we have out (obviously Woman’s Day and New Weekly just don’t cut it for them). Still others have cute younger siblings who have strangely scary loud voices for such small bodies that run up to me asking if they can draw (I often ponder how such loud voices can be contained in such small bodies- along with the meaning of life of course).

But whatever entourage comes in with our students, it is always heartwarming to see the encouragement and support they provide our students (and relieving to see that parents do not leave me alone with these loud-voiced, scary but adorable younger siblings).

Written by Rachel Seo, one of the people who sit and ponder behind the front desk.


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