Competitive Edge

After having worked at a music school for quite some time, I have noticed that some of our students, particularly the students who have siblings also learning music with us, have a secret competitive streak about them.

I saw this competitiveness again today with two of our students who are cousins and are both learning piano at Shine. The younger cousin was quickly catching up to the older cousin, who, suddenly fear-stricken at the possibility that she could soon be overtaken by her younger cousin, dove into her music books to read just that bit more, learn just that bit extra to stay ahead of her younger cousin.

Having my own secret competitive streak in me, I thought “What better way to progress through learning music?” So to everyone stuck at what I’d like to call a musician’s block: have a little fun whilst learning music; have a little competition with friends, siblings, yourself, and maybe even secretly, randoms, to help you progress with your music learning!


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