Today, after observing the events at the school, I have come up with a new theory on parents. Parents, like chocolate, come in all different shapes, sizes and personalities. Although we may only see the scary, mean, stern, never-letting-us-do-anything side of our parents, again, like chocolate, they can also be sweet, heart-warming, sensual, and have deliciously smooth caramel-filled centres.

There are of course these types of parents whose kids attend our school. There is the very friendly type who sit across from me and strike up very interesting conversations; others who are pleasant and always ask how I’m doing. Still others are funny and like to make jokes and have a laugh.

Some parents at the school are of the more timid, smooth chocolate kind, and quite often are too shy (I would like to refrain from using the word ‘scared’) to approach me with any questions or queries, and sometimes even coming up to pay school fees or asking me when the school term ends is a giant leap for them. Maybe they mistakenly ‘predict’ (never ‘fear’) that I will think they are rude or annoying (which is never the case!).

But I think the winner of today’s funniest parent award goes to a parent who walked in with her daughter, arguing with her (almost yelling!), obviously very angry, for about 5 minutes before her daughter’s lesson. After her daughter had gone into class, I went to the parent to hand her a note, and she was the sweetest, nicest person to me, smiling at me and thanking me 3 times. How her emotions can change so dramatically from 0 to 100 in a matter of 5 seconds still eludes me. But nevertheless, my theory about parents and chocolate holds true. This parent was also just like chocolate- bittersweet.


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