Splashed across the front page, featuring on every news channel, discussed on all of the radio stations was yesterday’s apocalyptic  ‘dust storm’ over Sydney! The whole experience, from waking up into a yellow-reddish world, to the hazy dust layer that had gathered on almost everything outside, was rather surreal.

The occasional surreal experience, one that shakes people up to the core, is needed once in awhile. Kind of like walking into a new school, knowing that this is where you’ll be spending a certain period of your life. As new families walk into this school, calling me from out on O’Connell Street wondering where the school is and how to get in, they too, experience the surreality of the unknown. Having been here for well over a year, it is easy to forget how strange and new this school must be for these new families and students entering the school. I strode on ahead, finding one family and directing them from outside, only to find the parents far behind looking up at all of the different buildings and offices. The whole family was excited, talking eagerly about everything they could see within the school, peering into all of the different rooms and listening to each of the unique sounds coming out of each one. That’s when you decide that this surreality is going to become a part of your reality, as you will be spending the next ten weeks here at Shine Music School.


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