Aah, it’s come to that time again, nearing the end of the term and looking forward to another break from school, the warm spring weather, and… end of term reports at Shine Music. Although I do not read the reports, I am expecting that they are no doubt filled with praise, glory and extra brownie points for bothering to come in on the last week term to collect this dreaded piece of paper.

A whole term of practice, stressing over homework, practice, improvement and more practice is reflected on this single sheet of A4 paper you cautiously accept from that girl whose name you have forgotten. You take a peek at it, not being able to predict the outcome of your efforts, and wishing that you had put in just that extra bit of effort to get a 4 rating when you see your results.

If you have received high results, that’s awesome, keep up the good work! But if your results were not as good as you expected them to be, don’t despair, you know what you need to work on (or perhaps bribing your teacher would not be such a bad idea either) and can always work hard and expect to see a better report next term!


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