Music Teachers

From personal experience, it is truly important to find the perfect music teacher, in order to have yourself or your child learn an instrument efficiently. I still remember my 7 year-long experience of learning the violin. For me, it is more of a painful memory. I wanted to learn the guitar, but my mother forced me to learn the violin. Each week, I dreaded going to my lessons because of my teacher. To me he was the terrorist in the movie ‘Speed’ with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves (he really looked like him!). Each week, I tried to think up excuses to not go, to the extent of which I had even considered breaking a finger!

Compare me to a student here, who bubbles on about how much he loves his teacher to his parents each week. The mother told me how much her child goes on about his teacher, and that’s why he wants to come each week.

The teacher greatly effects how a student approaches music. When I see the students here, excited and enthusiastic about learning, as well as the teachers, who put in so much effort and knowledge into teaching – I wish I had found the perfect teacher as well.


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