Go the Eels!

*Rachel walks into work and sees the school decorated in blue and yellow*

Rachel: “Uuhhh… is there something special on today?”
Jessie: *shocked* “… Don’t you watch the news?”
William: *laughing* “The football grand finals! Parramatta Eels!”
Rachel: *totally uninterested* “Oh.”

As I walked into the school today, there was an unfamiliar look about the school. Balloons and streamers of blue and yellow covered the school from wall to wall, and a poster of a so called “Parramatta Eels” football team was stuck 2 feet from my desk. Having next to no interest in this “football” sport, I had no idea what all this commotion was about until William said something about a game (which went way over my head).

As the Parramatta Eels have made it to the grand finals, the council had distributed decorational supplies to businesses in Parramatta in proud support of the football team. Although I don’t know anything about football, I do know that Jarryd Hayne (who I may have a tiny crush on) plays for Parramatta Eels, so GO THE EELS!

Oh, and keep practicing your music during the holidays and have a safe one! See you all here in one piece next term!

*** Towards the end of the day***

Rachel: “So… is the game on tonight?”
William: “…No, Sunday”
Rachel: *hangs head in shame* “oh.”


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