Another First Date

Being a science geek, I thoroughly enjoy coming up with my own theories about anything and everything, and have come up with a hypothesis about performances. I have found that performing has a lot of parallels with going on a first date.

Some of us have been lucky enough to have experienced the thrill of a first date. Whether it be someone you have known for a long time or someone you have just met, nobody can escape the rush of emotions that come flooding in, filling you from head to toe. This rush is the same with performing.

Before you go on, you are filled with nervousness and butterflies in your stomach, hoping that this performance will lead on to a second, and possibly more, performances.

When you get on stage and start to play, you might hit a point where you have made a mistake and don’t know what to play, what to do, or how to recover from the awkward silence that may follow.

At the end of the performance, you may get an applause, or if you played very well, a request for an encore. It is then that you know that you have given a good first impression, and another date will soon come.

And depending on the outcome, you will either go home happy and excited, or go home and cry with a tub of chocolate ice-cream being your best friend.

But whatever the outcome of your performance, you smile when you look back at it, knowing that it’s over and that you have gained invaluable insight (possibly even a drop of wisdom) from it.


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