At the start of every term or semester, and especially at the start of the year, there is a heap of things to do; questions to ask, people to talk to, invoices to pay…this list alone is quite hectic! The rush of all of these things, although quite dizzying, allows you to be efficient and relax later on in the term or year. Today was the first day back for all of the Thursday students. Students arriving after 2 weeks have either practised away during the holidays, returning with improvements, whilst other students have spent the holidays relaxing and engaging their minds with other, less straining, things. These are the students who are rushing to finish their homework just before class, rushing to the lesson late, as they almost forgot that they had a lesson today! It’s quite interesting observing these students, the ones who are in a rush. They are the ones who are  encouarged into practising harder from now on, until the end of the year, where they’re efforts will be rewarded at the annual concert.


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