Music- Not a Choice but a Passion

As one of our guitar students was absent today, our guitar teacher had some free time to sit and play freely until his next student came. In this time, I listened to his private ‘jam’ session, and wondered what it took to get to that stage. The most obvious factor would inevitably be loads of practice day and night, and motivation and pure determination to not give up at any stage.

Continual support from family, friends and teachers would definitely be a plus, as well as confidence in their musical knowledge and talent. Their yearning to pass their invaluable musical knowledge on to the next generation might have also have made them take the initiative to walk down the teaching path.

But first and foremost, the strongest driving factor for musicians like our talented teachers would have to be pure love and passion for music and everything about it, because without this, learning music and its theories would be a lost cause.


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