Teachers were once Students

Can you imagine what your music teacher would have been like as a student? Would he or she have practiced consistently every day, or have never done her/his homework? As a student, it can be hard to imagine what teachers would be like in their position. Teachers are the experienced professionals who are expected to know the answers to almost every question and be pretty much perfect!

I was surprised to overhear some of the teachers discuss the amount of practice they have to do, their occasionally incorrect techniques which need to be corrected by their very own teacher! It’s a comforting thought, that teachers are still students – aren’t we all, soaking up everything we can, learning something new every day?

Teachers make mistakes, once in awhile, and students need to understand that teachers, too, need to practice and learn just like they do. Only that way, students can develop and become teachers themselves – whether it’s teaching your own younger sibling certain keys or notes on the instrument, or becoming a professional teacher themselves!


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