After having written a few too many blog posts for my liking, I have finally reached that point where I am quite sure I am actually starting to feel small amounts of stress along the back of my neck every time I have to come up with a new blog topic (not really, but just for a little more dramatic effect).

This new challenge that has been sprung upon the girls at reception has proved to be particularly difficult for me, a person of few words. I sometimes find myself dreading the unholy hour before the shift ends when we would have to submit a new blog entry. The 30 minutes before that is spent looking through the past blog entries, and I cannot help but feel a pang of disappointment when another girl has already covered the topic I was thinking of doing for that shift.

Although our blog entries may not always be stunning, thought provoking or life enriching, thank you to all our readers who do take a few minutes of their time to read the posts. I hope they inspire you… or at least entertain you for 5 minutes.


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