The five human senses are touch, sight, taste, hearing, and smell. Personally, having always been sensitive to smells. I find that if there is a certain smell disrupting my senses, I am unable to focus on anything else. The thought occurred to me today when one of our teachers complained about a smell. A student’s pet cat had urinated on his bag, which he had brought into the room causing the music room to smell like…cat’s urine. He offered for me to have a smell after the student left, before spraying copious amounts of Glen 20 Odour eliminating spray into the room. I politely declined.

Whilst trying to hold in my laughter, I wondered – what are you supposed to do in those situations? Politely ask the student to wash the bag, or leave it outside – for me to smell at the reception desk! Or put in all of your effort on trying to not breathe, but continue to teach and listen to your student?

Personally, I would have left the door open and stood outside whilst listening to the student play inside – door half closed to keep the smell in. Poor teachers, who have to deal with this type of situation daily.


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