The Case of the ‘Bad’ Student

The case of the ‘bad’ student is a puzzling and mysterious dilemma in itself, and being hard to resolve, one can only sit and observe the peculiar habits and range of excuses that distinguish these so called ‘bad’ students from the ‘good’ ones.

The first observation is that the bad student would hardly practice all week until 10 minutes before class. When rushing out to get to class 5 minutes past the start of the lesson, would forget their homework, which is piled up on a stack of homework given to them by their teacher over the past few months, undoubtedly incomplete.

The bad student would then brainstorm a whole plethora of excuses as to why they did not bring their homework or why it is incomplete. And to top it off, when asked by their teacher “Have you been practicing?”, an awkward, inevitable lie would follow, with a brief glance into the teacher’s suspicious eyes, and then straight down to the floor.

We know, “you do not have time to practice”, “the piece is too hard”, “the teacher forgot to teach you that” or “it does not sound right/good”.

So if you’re reading this as if it were your diary entry, and feeling slightly overwhelmed by guilt, you know what you have to do… Read on.

Dedicating 10 minutes a day to quality practice time not only builds your skills, technique, confidence and musical knowledge, you never know, it might also enrich your life. So challenge yourself to practice consistently, and in no time, you will be playing like a professional!


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