Music Theory

For those who don’t currently or haven’t previously learnt music, looking at a piece of music can be mind-boggling. Everyone knows the basics – treble clefs, quavers and maybe even crochets! But who knows the difference between “mezzo forte” or “crescendo”, let alone what they mean?

Any music students reading this should know that “mezzo forte” means moderately loud and “crescendo” obviously means gradually getting louder! Duh!

Unfortunately to those strangers of music, looking at a sheet of music is almost like looking at a book in another language i.e. trying to read Arabic. From afar, the symbols look pretty cool, but up close you have no idea what they individually mean or why they’re there!

For me, this is the reason why people who play music are respected by all, despite gender, ethnicity and age. When I watch or listen to a young student playing a well-known classical piece whilst deep in concentration, the student has the capability to draw an enormous amount of respect from any listeners. Young people who can play music have a certain charisma, or quality about them that allows them to remain confident yet modest. Getting to this level, of course, requires dedication and passion – but I think the result is definitely worth it.


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