The sweltering heat has caused the temperature to go up to almost 36 degrees today, allowing everyone to think of the summer that is just around the corner. With summer comes the time at the end of the year when everyone is too busy thinking about the holidays, Christmas, New Year…and everything good that comes with it.

At Shine Music School, the end of the year also brings the Annual Shine Charity Concert. Charity events and products are everywhere, with small donation boxes at almost every store and shopping centre. To everyone who is focused on the holidays and Christmas, it would be nice to take the time to think about those who will not be spending a Merry Christmas due to illness and poverty. Although people do not think much of buying a pink water bottle over the normal blue-capped ones, every cent donated to charity can help in the research of serious illnesses, as well as those living in poverty.

Before the year ends, take the time to give to charity in any way you can! Our concert is the perfect way to donate to charity whilst letting your senses indulge in the music of younger generations and beginners!


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