Be Confident

With our Annual Shine Music Charity Concert coming up, we have been encouraging students to attend and perform.

Today, one particular conversation had me quite amused. This is how it went:

” Hi, will you be performing at our Shine Music Charity Concert?”

” Ohhhh noooooo! I suck! No one wants to hear me perform! I can’t do it!”

“That’s okay! There are alot of beginner students and you can just play one piece! Playing at the concert is good motivation for practice!”

“….It’s a good motivation to jump off a tall building!!! I’m horrible! You’ve heard me! Oh… I’ll talk to Wayne and think about it!”

“Okay, would you be having anyone else attend?”

“Oh I wouldn’t want to put anyone I know through that…I sound horrible!”

To all those shy, non-confident students who don’t want to perform at the concert because they ‘suck’ should think again! This is a great opportunity to practice with motivation and perform in front of a small crowd of friends and family! You need to build up confidence in yourself and be proud in your ability to play an instrument, or flaunt your voice! Practicing everyday can help build this confidence up ~ enough to perform at the Annual Concert!


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