Something about Pianos

There are so many different types of pianos out there today, that it’s almost impossible to decide which one to choose. For a beginner student (and the parents), the decisions and choices that come with a piano can be very stressful.

If you choose a piano that is too small in size, you have to go through the process of choosing and buying another piano later on (when you/your child grows in size). One important thing to remember is that there are no differences between ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced’ pianos – anyone can play  any piano, no matter what level or age you are. But, if you want to keep your piano for up to 40 years (or longer), remember to keep it in good condition!

One thing students and parents tend to forget is that the piano can go out of tune. When your piano starts to sound slightly off – it might be time to get it tuned! Playing on an un-tuned piano can make the entire piece sound just horribly wrong!


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