Enthusiastic Performers

One of our adult students who has joined our school recently has notified us that he would like to perform at our annual concert this year. Because most of our adult students do not tend to participate in our annual concert, I was surprised not only to hear that he was going to be a part of it, but was also amazed by his enthusiasm and keenness that he took the initiative (big word- I know. It means ‘first step’) to ask to be a part of it.

Although he hasn’t been with us for long, during the few times that I have had the chance to talk with him, I felt that he had a deep and genuine passion for music that has made him strive to keep learning and perfecting his skills. Not only does his enthusiasm make him want to aim higher and perform better, but it also makes the viewers appreciate his performance at a greater level. So to all our performers, show some enthusiasm when performing!


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