How good is pressure? Of course, stress can be a side-effect of pressure, but it amazes me the extent to which a human being can be pushed and pulled to with the right amount of pressure. After a whole semester of learning a subject, within the last 2-3 weeks just before the final examination, pressure forces me to understand, comprehend and learn everything I had been struggling with for the semester.

Likewise, a student who has been struggling to find time to practice throughout the year is suddenly practicing hours each day, having extra lessons with the teacher, and improving dramatically in just the last two weeks! Of course, the pressure of an official examination involving certificates, money and a record on your resume in the future has a role in this! Pressure motivates everyone to push themselves to the limits and achieve things you never thought you could. Maybe that’s just what you need to push yourself just that little bit further to complete that piece you’re learning!

Remember not to let the pressure get to you so much that the stress causes your health to deteriorate! Too much pressure, like in a balloon, can cause you to explode!


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