Many surveys have been conducted about the top 5 things adults regret not doing during their younger years. Amongst the top 5, unsurprisingly, was that they regretted not picking up an instrument. So I begin to wonder, naturally, why this is so.

Music is an essential part of all our lives, so it is not a surprise that many adults who did not learn music in their youth regret not picking it up. I can’t imagine my day without music. If I did not listen to music in the bus and train, I would die of boredom. If there was no background music in movies, there would be no mood created, no matter how good the actors were. Music is no doubt a fundamental part of our lives. It is food not only for our brains, but also our souls (or so they say).

So to all the people who regret not picking up an instrument, stop regretting and start learning to play an instrument today!


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