Cleaning and Maintenance!

A new instrument is the cause for excitement. Most new instruments are shiny and squeaky clean, having been opened for the first time since it has been manufactured. For the first few months, even up to a year, the instrument will remain clean and maintain the ‘new instrument’ feel.

However, maintenance of the instrument is crucial to establishing the longevity of it. In lay man’s terms, you have to take good care of your instrument constantly, if you want to keep it sounding well! I.e. pianos need to be tuned at least once a year, violin strings need to be tuned at least once a week and woodwind instruments require cleaning after every play. Build up of dust, grease and grime on your instrument can obviously cause the instrument to not only look dirty and unclean, but affect the sound of the instrument!

I always tell those faithful woodwind students who take their time after their lesson to clean each part of their instrument before packing it into their case, that they are welcome to take as long as they like! For all those other students, however, I hope you guys clean it up when you get home!


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